The GOP Is Now Trying To Lure Women Out Of The Kitchen

The GOP is worried about the lack of Republican women in Congress. This issue became a priority when the Republicans realized that they needed a friendly female face to put on their late-term abortion bans and ladies-can’t-be-trusted-with-their-own-bodies legislation. It doesn’t exactly look great when you can only find dudes that will vouch for the pro-life agenda. Thus, as the National Journal reported, Project GROW (Growing Republican Opportunities for Women) was born.

Project GROW resembles EMILY’s List, a group dedicated to helping get pro-choice women elected to office. There is, however, a significant difference besides being on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Project GROW, launched by Rep. Ann Wagner (MO), Rep. Renee Ellmers (NC), and others, claims to aim to encourage Republican women who don’t necessarily care that much about abortion to run for office. According to the National Journal, Wagner wants to inspire women to get involved in politics to deal with household problems, like gas prices, health care, and energy. Republican Kellyanne Conway asked women, “What do you do every week, gals — do you fill up the gas tank or do you have an abortion?”

This shift in focus is due to the belief that female Democrats focus too much on women’s issues. In the National Journal, Conway said,  “There are very few Democratic women who can begin or finish a sentence without mentioning a ‘woman’s right to choose.’” Ah yes, shame on those passionate, pro-active politicians speaking about issues they care about. It’s also worth mentioning that Democratic women far outnumber Republican women in the House.

Conway wants to lure Republican women to congress to speak on a wide array of issues, but it is odd that Project GROW appeared in June, the same month that the House Judiciary Committee passed the late-term abortion ban and the GOP scrambled to find a woman to present the legislation. Interesting indeed.

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