The Children’s Place Knows That Girls Are Bad At Math But Good At Shopping

I know we were all just thinking that girls and young women needed another reason to avoid pursuing math and science, so The Children’s Place has graciously started selling shirts for young girls that clearly tell them math isn’t for them. Especially when there’s shopping to do, amiright?! Thank goodness you’re here, The Children’s Place.

Sure, dancing, music, shopping, and laughing are all excellent pastimes, but not when the category is “My Best Subjects.” The shirt would even be tolerable if math were not listed and left unchecked. The company went out of its way to say that girls who have fun, dance, and shop are not good at math. Fortunately, ACB27 reports that after receiving tons of complaints from parents and the concerned general public, The Children’s Place apologized and stopped selling the tee shirts. But the damage is already done: this, young girls, is what some people think of you.

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