Republicans Put Out “Game” In Which The Purpose Is To Slap Hillary Clinton

  • An anti-Hillary Clinton Republican Super PAC called The Hillary Project put out a Flash-animation “game” on their website in which the player slaps Clinton across the face. When did America start turning into a real-life version of “Idiocracy”? [Raw StoryUltraViolet]
  • The National Institute of Health has finally made good with the family of Henrietta Lacks, the low-income Black woman who died of cancer in 1951 and whose cells have been used for scientific research ever since. [NBC News]
  • Check out this apology letter that American Airlines sent a woman after a member of their air hostess staff hassled her for breastfeeding her baby on a flight. (They realize hungry babies scream, right?) [Jezebel]
  • On being “masculine of center” while Black. [Colorlines]
  • Five things this young woman learned from dating another woman. [Scarleteen]
  • Meet Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez, a feminist filmmaker who “vandalizes” commercials. [Bitch Magazine]
  • Skepticism and secularism have a serious sexual harassment problem. [Slate]
  • It pisses this woman off when men call themselves feminists. [xoJane]


  • India’s female lawyers want a quota of 1/3 women in the judiciary. [Times Of India]

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