“Her” Offers A Glimpse Of Our Scary, Tech-Obsessed Future

Do we have unhealthy relationships with our computers and smartphones? Hell to the yes. My constant need to check Facebook and email is super duper unhealthy. Will I stop? Not likely.

The good thing is, I have real, functioning human relationships that supersede my tech obsessions. Not so for Theodore, the protagonist in Spike Jonze’s new movie “Her.” Lonely Theodore (played by a creepy-‘stached Joaquin Phoenix) develops a rather strange and unhealthy relationship with “Samantha,” the voice inside his artificially intelligent computer, and seems to spiral out of control. Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson), of course, learns from Theodore, and is therefore able to perfectly tailor her responses to his needs. It creates a creepy co-dependence between the two. Then Theodore develops a romantic relationship with her. I suppose this is Jonze’s all-too-obvious meditation on how we’ve become overly dependent on technology and this is his version of our dystopian future. I wonder if I actually need to see this movie because I already kind of live it? [YouTube]