Gillette Is Fed Up With Unshaven Hipsters

Hipsters get hated on all the time for everything from their weird shoes to their insistence that they knew about every cool thing before it was cool, but they’ve recently come under fire for a very specific reason: their trendy beards are cutting into razor sales. Yep, razor makers like Gillette and Schick have seen sales slip in recent years, and market research indicates that “the vogue for stubble” and “growing acceptance of the unshaven look” are partially to blame. That’s not the only hipster-y practice that’s hurting cheap razor sales — the dudes who are still shaving are becoming more and more likely to buy simple, better quality razors they’ll use for years and years rather than disposable grocery store models (think the old timey shaving kit you got your brother for Christmas).

I don’t think Gillette needs to worry too much though; if beards get much more popular, they’ll inevitably be labeled “mainstream” and hipsters will frantically start shaving again so they can say they were smooth-faced before it was cool. That’s just the nature of hipsterdom. Patience, Gillette, patience.

[MSN Money] [Photo via Hipster Beards]