Beauty How-To: Amanda Seyfried’s “Lovelace” Premiere Look

It’s rare that Amanda Seyfried — she of the rapturously ethereal angel/alien features, porcelain complexion, and long, thick, never-dyed flaxen hair — ever misses the mark on a beauty look. (I mean, don’t you think it would take some serious, bad-intentioned effort for a makeup artist to fuck up a face like that?) Time and time again, Amanda has sported the kind of makeup that makes us go, “That. On my face. Now.” This look from the Hollywood premiere of her new film, “Lovelace”? I would sell my soul. And yeah, I’m putting that in writing. (That said, I sincerely doubt that the price on my soul would be very high, but the principle stands.) The good news for me and my (affordable!!!!) soul is that, despite looking like a million, trillion bucks, this shimmery eye makeup is shockingly, almost LAUGHABLY, easy to achieve. Let’s get a closer look, and then I’ll break it down…

You see that? The gradient of color Amanda has here, where it’s darker and more concentrated on the lid and becomes lighter and sheerer the closer it gets to the brow bone, is not the product of more than one product or shade, but just really, really good blending. So simple! So all you need to do — literally, the only thing — is apply your shadow of choice all over the lid and blend it up and out into an almond shape. For this look, I would recommend using a creamy shadow pencil in a mushroom taupe shade (Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil in Mushroom is beyond perfect, GO!), which threatens to take the easiness of this look into “I’m an idiot for not trying this before” territory. Use it on the bottom lash line as well, as close to your lashes as possible, concentrating on the outer corners. You’ll definitely need to clean up the entire border of the eye with q-tips and makeup remover after, because shimmer really has a way of getting all over the place.

The next (penultimate) step would be to line your lower waterline (you know, that weird, MOIST beige part just about your lashes) with a dark brown eyeliner pencil. Be careful when you do this not to get it too close, or on, your eyeball. (I don’t want to be responsible for your eye infection or scratched cornea; I’ve already been responsible for my own countless eye ailments from reckless/overzealous eyeliner application.) If your eyes are on the smaller side, you can skip this step if you want, because liner in the waterline tends to close up the eye and make it look, well, smaller. Finish with LASHINGS and LASHINGS of mascara — black on top, brown on bottom, et voilà.

The eyes are key here, so as for the rest of the face, you’re going to want to leave it looking soft and natural with little other color. A touch of rosy blush on the cheeks never hurt anyone, but keep lips minimal, minimal, minimal. A sheer, mauve-y lipstick could work if your lips are really pale, but unless you’re wearing this look to a super-fancy event, I’d just use a clear or slightly tinted balm. Brush your brows into place (if they’re sparse, or if you usually fill them in, go ahead) with a spoolie and a little bit of hair gel or spray (or an actual brow gel, like this one from brow goddess Anastasia) and revel in your beauty. I give you my full permission.