6 Types Of Roommates & How To Deal With Them

The truth is, even after filling out one of those unhelpful roommate questionnaires, you really have no idea what kind of person you’ll be sharing a tiny living space with your freshman year of college and whether or not they’ll end up ruining your life. A lucky few will end up with a roomie they get along with well enough — that’s the goal. The even luckier few will become besties with their roommate. That’s the college equivalent of winning $10,000 from a scratch-off lottery ticket. I hope this happens for you, but it probably won’t. You must prepare for the worst — a hoarder, someone who sleeps cradling her bong, a person who feels entitled to have sex on your bed. Here’s some advice for how to deal with different possible roomies (within reason). If you think your roommate is going to harm herself or you, seek professional help. Otherwise, take these tips, be patient and try to make it to your sophomore year alive — when you’ll get to pick your roommate.