Sandy Rios Of Fox News Thinks That Ariel Castro’s “Love For His Victims” Is Just Like Homosexuality

Sandy Rios is both an American Family Association talk show host and a Fox News contributor, so naturally when she spoke with anti-gay Chicago pastor, Erwin Lutzer, some pretty offensive words were exchanged.

The two both oppose same-sex marriage and use the bogus argument that homosexuality is like pedophilia in that even though there is “love” in these relationships, the people involved should not be able to get married. According to Right Wing Watch, Lutzer said, “A pedophile I’m sure says that he loves children — as a matter of fact, he does — but you can see how destructive that love is.” That comparison is nothing new in the anti-gay argument, but Sandy Rios then went on to make a new and uniquely offensive comparison.

Rios continued:

“You know, the gentleman that was just sentenced yesterday for holding those women hostage in Ohio, and molesting them for years, and doing terrible things to them. His defense was that he ‘loved’ his family, he ‘loved’ his child that was born out of one of the rapes that he did of the woman. He ‘loved’ and he couldn’t understand. He said, ‘I’m not a monster.’”

Here Rios is referring to Ariel Castro, who was sentenced to a life sentence in jail plus 1,000 years for holding Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus captive in his Cleveland home for 10 years, where he tortured them and raped them repeatedly.

Yes, Sandy Rios, just like a committed, consensual, loving relationship between two adults. Ugh.

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[Photo via Sandy Rios Blog]