Pennsylvania Court Lifts The Ban On “I Heart Boobies” Bracelets

“Boobies” isn’t a bad word, especially when it’s being used to promote a breast cancer awareness campaign. A judge in Pennsylvania seems to think so, too, which is why he reversed a Pennsylvania school district’s decision to ban the “I (Heart) Boobies” bracelets. In a 9-5 decision, the court ruled that the “bracelets here are not plainly lewd and because they comment on a social issue, they may not be categorically banned.”

The case came about after two high school girls in the Easton, PA, school district were told they weren’t permitted to wear the bracelets, which are distributed by the Keep A Breast Foundation. Brianna Hawk and Kayla Martinez were actually suspended by their school after wearing the bracelets in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The girls then contacted the American Civil Liberties Union, who took on the case. ACLU lawyer Mary Catherine Roper said the ruling validated students’ rights to talk about important issues on school grounds. “It explicitly says school children talk about important things, and when they (do) … that’s the kind of speech we want to protect and promote,” Roper said.

Easton school district officials could still appeal the ruling. District solicitor John Freund called the bracelets “cause-based marketing energized by sexual double-entendres.” [NY Daily News]