Lindsay Lohan May Actually Be Starting To Look Like Lindsay Lohan Again

Short of killing a human being or burning my house down, there’s very little Lindsay Lohan could do that would make me stop rooting for her to get her shit together at long last. Deep down, I can’t help but believe in LiLo, despite her having made every bad decision ever (and committing a felony here and there) in the past few years. I want her to make a Robert Downey Jr.-style 180 and clean up her act and start speaking at sobriety seminars and cut off her parents (BOTH OF THEM) and maybe take a shower or two. Here she is, fresh out of rehab, wearing a cute outfit and looking smiley and healthy and ginger-y, just the way I like her. Please, God of Crackheads, let this be the start of Lindsay’s epic turnaround. We’ll even give you Ashley Benson in exchange! [Photo: Fame/Flynet]