Check Out This Blog Dedicated To Photos Of Beautiful Bearded Men

In the past few years, it seems that facial hair has become the ultimate fashion accessory for the stylish man and Jonathan Daniel Pryce decided to document this beautiful phenomenon. The fashion photographer, blogger, and social media consultant decided to walk the streets of London and photograph one bearded man per day for 100 days. Thus, “100 Beards 100 Days” was born.

Pryce wanted to keep some variety in the beards he photographed. In the description of the blog he writes, “From big and bushy to trendy and trimmed, I found men from all cultures and creeds who signed up to the cult of the beard.”

The project was supposed to run from July 1 through October 8, 2012, but the blog amassed such a following that he decided to continue. Pryce is still photographing beards and as the project goes on, he has started to photograph men from all around the world sporting fancy facial hair. Pryce then compiled the photos into a book, which is currently sold out for obvious reasons. However, fear not! The second edition is on its way and, if you are so inclined, you may add yourself to the pre-order list. This way, you can possess the images of hundreds of gorgeous bearded gentlemen immortalized in print! Or you could just walk through Brooklyn; it’s pretty much the same thing. [Tumblr]

[Photo via Tumblr]