9 Types Of Showers We Take With Dudes

Between our razors clogged with pieces of leg hair to the mold growing on the walls that belongs in a museum, it’s a wonder we ever let dudes into our bathrooms. But let them we do. In fact, he might just be hopping into your shower alongside you for one of these nine types of showers us ladies have been known to take with our dudes:

1. The “We Need To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom So Let’s Do It In The Shower This Time” Shower

2. The “Grab That Loofah Because I Need You To Scrub My Back” Shower

3. The “I Have To Shave My Legs, Please Don’t Watch” Shower

4. The “Don’t You Dare Touch Me, I’m In A Hurry This Morning” Shower

5. The “I’ve Brought You Here To Shampoo My Hair For Me Because It Feels Amaaaaazing” Shower

6. The “Watch Me Masturbate As Water Cascades All Over My Boobs Like We’re In A Low-Budget Porn” Shower

7. The “Pre-Sex We Both Smell Like Gym Socks So Let’s Fix That” Shower

8. The “Post-Sex Get All This Come Off Me” Shower

9. The “I Thought I Wanted To Take A Shower Together But Now That We’re In Here I’m Feeling Kinda Claustrophobic And Irritable” Shower

What other types of showers do you take with your boo? Let us know in the comments.

[Image of woman’s feet in the shower via Shutterstock]

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