13 Signs You Attend A Women’s College (In GIFs!)

I attended a coed college and logged a lot of time in the Gender & Sexuality Studies Department, which is what a lot of other universities call Women’s Studies. We were predominantly women with a smattering of gay men and I assume some trans folks, although I personally didn’t know any. I remember the people there as passionate, supportive and dedicated, but also very opinionated.  Many a time I have wished that I instead applied to a women’s college — Barnard College, which is part of Columbia University, is the one I had my eye on — because every time all my girl friends who went to women’s colleges tell me about it, it sounds Like 17-year-old Jessica would have fit right in. Oh well, there is always grad school right. (If I win the lottery or a rich relative dies.)

After the jump here are 13 signs* you know you went to a women’s college — illustrated in GIFs!

1. You talk about menstruation rather openly.

2. You have unironically referred to a classmate as your “sister.” 

3. You know someone who was “straight” in September and had a live-in girlfriend by May.

4. A super-exciting Friday night involves ordering pizza and learning the entire “Single Ladies” dance.

5. There was a distinct period of time when you gave up shaving. (Maybe you’re still razor-less, even!) And everyone high-fived you.  

6.  This is how your straight friends react when there were straight dudes at an off-campus party.

7. You know what a S.L.U.G. is.

8. Your dormitory has a “beau parlor.”

9. You know what every letter in LGBTQIA stands for.

10. Lunafest and “The Vagina Monologues” are campus-wide events.

11. You were taught to avoid the lesbian question on campus tours. 

12. Your commencement speaker is somebody incredible like Hillary Clinton, Alice Walker, or Tina Fey.

13. Forever and always, you’re a totally rad feminist. 

* All of these suggestions came from my girl friends who attended women’s colleges, so take it up with them if you think they’re wrong!

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