Which Celeb Would Make The Worst Roommate Ever?

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There’s nothing worse than arriving to college on your very first day and realizing that your roommate is a mutant of a creature, with a painfully annoying laugh and an extreme hoarding problem.

But have no fear. There’s a silver lining: everybody — even celebrities— have their quirky habits … and some would make heinous roommates.

To kick-off Schooled Week on The Frisky, we’re pitting celebrities against each other in the ultimate face-off: “Which Celeb Would Be The Worst Roommate Ever?”

Here’s How It Works:

For seven days (with a weekend breaking up the duels), we’ll share a poll on TheFrisky.com where two celebrities battle it out to earn the title of Worst Celeb Roommate Ever. Each day, head over to The Frisky to vote for the contender you think would make the crappier roommate.

There will be seven face-offs:

1) Battle of the Singers (on August 5)
2) Battle of the Actors (on August 6)
3) Battle of the Sex Tape Stars (on August 7)
4) Battle of the Reality Stars (August 8)
5) Semi-finals Round 1 (August 9)
6) Semi-finals Round 2 (August 12)
7) Finals (August 13)

The star who you voted as the Worst Celeb Roommate Ever will be announced on August 14th.

Let the battle begin! Oh, and don’t forget to go to class.


Who better to jumpstart our tournament than Hannah Montana and the breakup anthem queen? They’re polar opposites, but they’ve each got some baggage fo’ sho.