Spa Is Charging $180 For The Bird Poop Facial

Though rare in the United States, using bird feces for facial treatments is a well-known and common in Japan. And if you’re just dying to have bird poop smeared on your face in the hopes it will improve your skin, one New York spa offers the treatment for $180.

This poop isn’t just from any old garbage-ingesting pigeon. The treatment uses imported Asian nightingale poop on the faces of its customers. Only the fanciest of bird poops are fit for these facials!

The Asian nighengales exclusively eat seeds so their feces contain enzymes that gently exfoliate the skin. Spa owner, Shizuka Bernstein calls this specific treatment the Geisha Facial because it was originally used by geishas in Japan.

Honestly, my number one concern here would be the smell, but apparently the smell of rice is the pervading one, not the smell of poop. I could probably live with that …

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[Image of a pigeon via Shutterstock]