Awesomely Affordable: 15 School-Ready Canvas Backpacks Under $50

It’s practically the first day of school––do you have your backpack game on lockdown? I know you’d like to think that you can somehow manage getting to and from class with nothing more than your purse, but trust us, you’re gonna want a backpack (your back will thank you for it). We’re particularly fond of canvas packs because they’re rugged and easy to care for. We’ve picked out sixteen of our faves to get you and all the stuff you schlep around all day ready for the next semester.

1. Baggu Striped Canvas Backpack, $34
2. Herschel Standard Backpack in navy, $45.99
3. Hurley Market Backpack, $29.99
4. Vans Deana Chambray Dots Backpack, $38.50
5. Nixon Excursion Backpack, $39.99
6. Olsenboye Floral Canvas Backpack, $39
7. Delia’s Printed Backpack, $14.99
8. Aldo Ciardullo Canvas Backpack, $38.18
9. Street Level Denim Backpack, $48
10. O-Mighty Bones Backpack, $50
11. Charlotte Russe Lace Trim Canvas Backpack, $26.99
12. Call it Spring Prothro Print Backpack, $28
13. Delia’s Galactic Backpack, $29.90
14. Poppie Jones Printed Canvas Backpack, $29.95
15. Della Woven Backpack, $29.99