14 Signs You Attend A Hippie College (In GIFs!)

I got my undergrad degree attended the UC at Santa Cruz, a university I can confidently describe as a “hippie school.” Debate was encouraged, classes could at times be bizarre, and the atmosphere smelled of patchouli and burning sage. Others colleges that fall under the hippie school umbrella? Kenyon College in Ohio, Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, Reed College in Oregon, and Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Want to know if your university also qualifies? Put these 14 signs in your pipe and smoke ‘em…

1. There’s some sort of encouraged annual public display of nudity, like streaking across campus on the night of the first rain.

2. Someone on your hall eschews laundry soap in favor of washing his/her clothes with freshly fallen leaves.

3. Grades are optional. Your level of intelligence cannot be defined by a letter. All that matters is if you pass or fail, man.

4. You know of at least one person who has taken ‘shrooms with a professor.

5. Your school mascot is a peaceful, vegetarian member of the animal kingdom.

6. Not a day goes by where you don’t see someone on campus attempting to corral a drum circle.

7. Most on campus events have a “no shirt, no shoes, no problem” policy.

8. LOL FOOTBALL. Such violent, hyper-masculinized tomfoolery does not exist, let alone excel, at your school.

9. There are no core requirements. Other than a “contemplative art,” which includes zen archery and meditative flower arranging, of course.

10. Meanwhile, you are really, really conflicted about whether to take Underwater Basket Weaving, Tree Climbing, or Modernity and Its Discontents next semester.

11. Your only exposure to Greek life is when the dining hall is serving Spanakopita.

12. Unless of course you’re a member of a coed fratority. Instead of Hell Week, there’s Hell of a Lot of Fun Week, in which you scream compliments instead of insults at pledges and force them to hug current members whenever they see them on campus. It’s so much more positive and inclusive!

13. You didn’t even blink when your Human Sexuality professor showed your entire 200 person class her home birth video.

14. Your school’s library is named after a queer beat poet, obvi.

15. April 20th may as well be a recognized school holiday.