Totally Coveted: Beach Sprays, Lip Stains And Super Fancy Computer Sleeves

Welcome to the newest edition of Totally Coveted, our new whenever series documenting all the super ridiculous crap we want but (probably, most certainly) are too sensible to buy. Hey, a girl can dream — about $1,200 shoes — can’t she? Take a peek at what we’re coveting, and then tell us what you’re lusting after in the comments!

1. Kerastase Spray-a-Porter, $35

Rachel: In a roundabout way, I blame my mother for my inclination toward high-end products. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t have quite the same frenzied, must-own-this-$30-nail-polish-or-I-will-die obsession as I do, but she is entirely responsible for introducing me to Kérastase at a very young age. I’ve dabbled in my fair share of hair-care lines over the years, but I always find myself coming back to the French brand’s selection of elegantly-packaged, exquisitely-formulated (and, uh, sort of exorbitantly-priced) shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. They smell gorgeous (like fresh linen!), dress up my disgusting New York City bathroom, and, most importantly, they work. Couture Styling, their brand-new range of styling products repped by none other than Kate Moss, is certainly no exception to Kérastase’s consistent excellence. I’ve already sprung for Lift Vertige, a root-uplifting gel, and Forme Fatale, a voluptuous blow dry gel, but that does not mean I will be able to resist the siren call of Spray À Porter, which imparts exactly the kind of tousled, touchable, slightly dirty effect I’m always after. Mom, look what you’ve done.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain in No. 17 Encre Rose, $34

Winona: After looking at $400 sneakers and $1,200 dresses, $34 seems like chump change, but it’s still about 8 times more than I usually spend on lipstick, so I’m putting it in the “Totally Coveted” category. I discovered it during my semi-disastrous trip to Sephora last weekend and was entranced by the beautifully rich color, the smooth texture, the crazy shine, the impressive staying power — pretty much everything but the price tag. I left with a more reasonably priced lip balm instead, but I have a feeling this totally coveted item will make its way into my makeup bag as soon as I get my next paycheck.

3. Cartier Juste un Clou Bracelet, $6,850

Rachel: I’ve only been lusting after this bracelet for, oh, ever. I think it’s about time someone steps up to the plate and just buys it for me. Any takers?

4. Mujjo MacBook Pro Sleeve, $79.58

Julie: After a year of cursing and screaming at my last MacBook Pro and it’s completely dead “p” key (there was a spilled ice coffee incident), I finally gave in and bought a new one. My new baby is gorgeous, and in the interest of keeping her well-preserved, I’ve invested in this Mujjo sleeve. Made from wool felt and leather, it’s lightweight and really good looking. Wish me better luck this time.

5. Marc Jacobs Red Lace Sneakers $388

Winona: I know wedge sneakers are already a dated trend, but my god, these ridiculous Marc Jacobs beauties are making me fall in love with the idea all over again. I’m obsessed with styles that combine feminine and masculine vibes, so the idea of a high top with a red lace panel and hidden wedge is pretty much my life dream status. I’d love to wear them with the faux leather pants I just bought and pretend I’m about 600 percent more badass than I actually am.

6. Essie Maximillian Strasse Her, $5.95

Julie: Essie, why do you do these things to me? I find the perfect shade of greenish gray at the nail salon, and the next time I come back for it, it’s gone. I can’t find this shade anywhere, and your typical reds and pinks won’t do. Please bring this color back to me, Essie.