Worst First Date Ever: Woman Falls From Her Balcony On The 17th Floor

When someone goes on a bad date it usually has something to do with awkward silences, gross food, a complete lack of connection, or as the case usually is with me, embarrassing occurrences. Some dates are even bad enough to make the news, but generally, first dates don’t end in a fall from a 17th-story balcony. Tragically, that’s how one otherwise promising first date came to a close Thursday night, reports The New York Times.

Jennifer Rosoff had returned to her Manhattan apartment with her date, Stephen Close, and the two decided to go out on the balcony to have a cigarette. According to the New York Post, Ms. Rosoff lifted herself up onto the railing of the balcony to chat with her date. Close thought that the balcony looked unstable and suggested that she get down, but Rosoff assured him that this was something she had done many times before. Moments later, however, Close heard two loud pops from the balcony and Rosoff was gone.

The balcony had given way and Rosoff fell down to the scaffolding on the second story. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Jennifer Rosoff was a graduate of Tulane University and was working at a media advertising start-up called TripleLift. According to the Times, a friend described her as “an A-player” and the chief executive of TripleLift, Eric Berry, said, “Her tremendous energy and humor brought so much joy to the office.”

The New York Times also reported that all other residents of the building were immediately barred access to their balconies, which were described as “imminently perilous to life.” A similar fall occurred in 2010, but there are still failings in the inspection of Manhattan’s countless balconies.

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[Photo via New York Times]