What’s Actually Happening When You’re Watching A Movie Sex Scene With Your Family — In GIFs!

We’ve all been through it — what started off as an innocent movie night with the family becomes a wildly uncomfortable experience the minute a surprisingly racy sex scene fills the screen. Let’s relive all the awkwardness — in GIFs — after the jump…

At first you’re all like:

And then you’re just chillin’.


Alright, a heavy make-out scene isn’t so bad.

But then…

Aaand it’s happening.

On the outside, you’re all like:

And everyone else is like:

While your pervy uncle’s like:

But the whole time you’re thinking:

And you’re like:

Stop. Stop. Stop. Dear lord. Please just make. It. Stoppppp.

You can only pretend to text for so long.

And then you’re like, it’s fine… we’re all adults here.

…Nope. Still awkward.

Near the end of it you’re just like:

And it finally does. On the outside you try to play it cool like:

But on the inside you’re like:

By the end you pretend it never happened.

“Yeah it, uh, was pretty good. What did you think?”

[Image via Shutterstock]