Watch This: The Worst First Driving Lesson Ever

Due to a confluence of events including me moving across the country, misplacing my driver’s license, and the Oregon DMV refusing to emerge from the dark ages, I might have to take the Tennessee driving test to get a replacement license. The prospect of taking the road test again makes me feel almost exactly as terrified as I did when I drove to the DMV with my dad on my 16th birthday, but with an extra dose of embarrassment because I’ve now had 12 years of driving practice and I still don’t know how to parallel park. Oops.

I must say, though, that watching this video made me feel a little bit better. I don’t speak Korean, but the internet says this is a video of a woman’s first driving lesson that went so wrong, so fast. I might biff the parking section of my test, but I’m fairly confident I won’t, you know, FLIP THE CAR. [Neatorama]