The 5 Biggest Lies Guys Are Telling This Year (And What They’re Being Honest About)

The results of Ask Men’s 2013 Great Male Survey are in, and as always, it’s fun to pour over the details of what the “average, American man” really thinks about stuff like the institution of marriage, pre-stalking dates, anal sex, and, of course, penis size. Sigh. Penises always seem make it on the survey. After the jump, we fill you in on what what’s in vogue for guys to lie about and what they’re being honest about according to the survey results — some of which might surprise you.

The Lies:

1. Anything to avoid a fight. Men hate fighting with us so much that 67 percent of them would tell a lie to avoid it.

2. Number of sex partners. More than 50 percent of dudes are lying about the number of women they’ve been with. That’s fine, because we lie about that too. OFF THE RECORD.

3. Their fantasies about your friendsEek. Nearly half of men have fantasized about their S.O.’s friends and would never tell you. That’s probably a good call. Try not feel awkward about that at the next social gathering.

4. Getting tested for STIs. It’s truly frightening to learn that more than HALF of straight men have NEVER been tested for STIs. Think of that next time you’re considering doing it without a condom.

5. That they’ve had anal sex. Those men who say they’ve put it in the backdoor, 76 percent of them were fibbing.

The Truths:

1. The size of their penises. And the survey says: 54 percent of guys don’t care how their dicks stack up against others. How refreshing!

2. Paying for sex. When they told you they haven’t ever paid for it, 76 percent of them were telling the truth. But of those who have gone to a sex worker, almost all of them wouldn’t admit it.

3. Saying “I Love You” in bed. More than half of the guys surveyed have never told a woman that they love her just to get laid and never plan to.

4. They care about our orgasm. A whopping 91 percent of men truly care if we get off (as they should). About half would be offended if we faked it, that is, if they knew we faked it. We think the 45 percent who say they know where the g-spot is have a better chance of making a real orgasm happen.

Do any of these results surprise you? Guys, care to confess any lies you’ve told to women recently? Sound off in the comments section.

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