Lululemon Says Larger Sizes Aren’t Part Of Their “Formula”

  • …. whatever that means? I guess people who want to wear cute workout clothes but need to wear larger sizes are going to shop elsewhere.  [Huffington Post]
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  • Female critics helped make The New York Review Of Books great — and it needs to start publishing them again. [Flavorwire]
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  • Want to follow some more feminists on Twitter? Here’s a great list of 10 feminists to follow, including our very own Mommie Dearest columnist Avital Norman Nathman. [Bustle]


  • The United States will start processing applications equally for married same-sex couples in which one partner is American and the other is from a different country of origin. [Guardian UK]
  • On teaching new mothers living with HIV about the importance of breastfeeding. [Impatient Optimists]
  • “The Hour” actress Romola Garai has spoken out in favor of lad mags in the UK covering up their provocative covers. [Guardian UK]
  • On a time in history when secretaries were considered “the office wife.” [BBC]

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