5 Things You Should Know About The Twitter Hotel

The Sol Wave House Hotel in Majorca, Spain, claims to be the first-ever Twitter-themed hotel. First of all, that statement implies that there will be more Twitter-themed hotels to come, which I find confusing, but secondly, I guess some people feel more passionately about Twitter than I do. The hotel is, naturally, focused around social interaction, meeting new people, and hashtags.

Here are five important facts you can use to decide whether or not this real-life Twitter is for you.

1. Everything is a hashtag. This may seem like a given in a Twitter hotel, but hashtags are literally the number one form of communication here. It’s not just a gimmick! The hotel’s Twitter handle is @SolWaveHouse and you can tweet hashtags to the handle to check in, refill your fridge, or order room service through the staff’s “Twitter concierge.”

2. You don’t have to flirt in person if you don’t want to. The hotel has a special Twitter app that only guests of the hotel can access. Using the app, you can tweet #SocialWave to send a virtual kiss to another guest. You can also share photos and send private messages on the app. Honestly it isn’t different from real Twitter, but it’s just for guests at the hotel and who doesn’t love a little exclusivity every now and again?

3. The hotel even looks like Twitter. The rooms are blue and white. The refreshments when you arrive at the hotel consist of blue and white candies with blue licorice in the shape of a hashtag symbol. The sign at the front desk says #SocialWave with the blue Twitter bird beneath. If guests aren’t already pooping blue, they can also order the hotel’s signature Twitter-themed blue mojito.

4. #TwitterPartySuites. Suites sleep up to four people, which sounds like a party to me. Guests in these suites also get 20 percent off all bars and restaurants, VIP hammock access, and customized mini bars. Yes, please.

5. Despite the social nature of the hotel, you seriously don’t have to talk to a human during your stay. As mentioned above, guests can check in, flirt, order room service, and refill fridges simply by utilizing an assortment of hashtags. That will limit your human interaction some, but what about when you want to flag down a bartender for one of those blue mojitos? Well, lucky for you, all ordering at bars and restaurants at the hotel is done through Twitter too! Depending on how you look at it, Sol Wave House Hotel is either the most social hotel ever or a hermit’s haven.

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[Photo via Sol Wave House]