What Would You Do If A 7-Foot KFC Bucket Randomly Appeared In Your Yard?

“I was driving by, I saw this giant Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket in my yard, and I thought for sure I was hallucinating, so I called my teenagers who were at home and had them go outside.”

Seriously, have you ever read a better opening line to any story, ever? This gem of a quote comes from a woman named Aleena Headrick, who did indeed discover a 7-foot KFC bucket in her Waynesboro, Georgia, yard. Whereas I would have assumed it was a not-so-subtle message from hungry aliens and retreated to my underground bunker, goodhearted Headrick decided to share the strange scene on social media. “Too often we just need something to laugh about,” she told reporters, “so I put it on Facebook and told [my friends] that I would bring chicken to the next potluck.”

As much as I wish this story didn’t have a logical explanation, the bucket was put there by Headrick’s landlord, who collects vintage signs and couldn’t resist acquiring such a magnificent piece of fried chicken memorabilia. He apparently didn’t think it was necessary to warn his tenant that he was dropping it off in front of her house. Let’s all try to remember that a little communication goes a long way, especially when gigantic fast food products are involved. [UPI]