Justin Bieber Fan Throws Phone On Stage Because…?

As an anthropology major in college, I was exposed to a wide variation of human behavior and culture. But nothing, nothing could have prepared me to watch a two minute clip of a Justin Bieber concert. With raised eyebrows and pursed lips I desperately tried to understand this strange subculture of screeching tweens raising iPhones to record the singer clad in sagging leather pants, fingerless red gloves, and a shiny sleeveless hoodie.

But the best part was when some excited Belieber, in the frenzy of flying training bras, intentionally/unintentionally hurled her phone on stage. What. Gurl, that is not an Aerie bra. The scrawny star then proceeded to slip the phone down his sagging crotch, which must be hiding newborn baby, only to take it out seconds later and carelessly throw it back into the crowd — probably shattering it into a million pieces. But no one cared. The moment passed and the girls continued to scream in adoration as he went to pick up a guitar and sing another pointless song.

Unlike studying the isolated tribes in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, this one is a complete mystery to me. [Crushable]