Jay Z’s Hyphen Seeks Understanding Apostrophe Friend

Fun fact: Jay Z apparently did away with his Jay-Z hyphen around three years ago. Of course, most of us didn’t pay attention. We liked the hyphen. We wanted it at our parties and movie outings. The rapper made the name change official in June, following the release of his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. And finally, our little hyphen friend realized he’d have to look elsewhere for love.

So he did what so many have done before him, and sought out companionship via Craigslist: jay zs hyphen seeks understanding apostrophe friend

“SBH (Single Black Hyphen), recently single, looking for love…and understanding,” reads the ad. “A little about me: I’ve just ended a long relationship. (In fact, I was dumped…after 19 years — by someone I felt part of and thought I could trust … Still hurting. … I like walks on the beach, nights by the fire and joining two words together to create compound words.”

The ad continues, “I have a thing for apostrophes. They’re so tall, so erect. So useful … which is how I used to think of myself.”

Here’s hoping this little guy finds the punctuation partner of his dreams. [E! Online]