Coming Soon On TLC … The Scrotum Show

You probably know Wesley Warren Jr. as the man with the 132-pound nut. At first Warren didn’t want to undergo surgery for his scrotal lymphedema, but found it to be the best option for his health and safety.  After all, wearing an upside-down hoodie to cover your ball in public, watching TV while resting your junk on a milk crate, and having your scrotum overtake your penis to the point that you lose your ability to control your pee is no way to live. Not to mention the severe anemia and depression Warren suffered due to his condition. In April of this year, he finally underwent a 13-hour procedure to remove his giant scrotal mass.

And now, lucky us, we’ll get to watch Warren’s journey in a new TLC special, “The Man With the 132 lb. Scrotum.” According to the network, the one-hour special airing on August 19 will follow “Wes’s life as he deals with day-to-day challenges that are easy for most people. Due to the large size of his scrotum, Wes has difficulty with simple tasks like walking, preparing meals and even going to the restroom.”  The program will highlight the “difficulties of living with this bizarre situation” and also reveal “Wes’s many attempts to find appropriate medical care and raise money for the surgery he desperately needs.”

Maybe I’m a big weirdo. But I’m riveted and can’t wait to watch it. [EW]