Be My Boyfriend: Just A Hillbilly & His Raccoon Dancing To Aretha

Love is a many-splendored thing, and it can exist in a variety of permutations. I mean, who are we to judge the love shared between a man and his raccoon? It’s unclear just how “Coon Rippy,” a self-described “hillbillly,” came upon a raccoon and Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools.” But whatever the circumstances, for this brief minute, the stars aligned and brought these three magical things together. Who are we to question the brilliance of the universe?

It turns out Coon Rippy is not only a skilled overalls-wearer and beard-grower, he’s also pretty good at dancing with a raccoon––even after the clingy raccoon (maybe it has abandonment issues) wraps its talons around his leg. Bravo, Coon Rippy, for keeping the beat, and enjoying some quality time with your fat little dancing partner. If you need us, we’ll be checking out Coon Rippy’s 40 other YouTube videos, including one in which he’s caught taking a shower with the raccoon and using Hannah Montana body wash. Now that really is devotion.  [YouTube]