Artist Makes Very Special Piece Of Art For Rapper Riff Raff

Rapper and professional James Franco hater Riff Raff is a pretty special guy. So it makes sense, then, that Cranbrook graduate Tré Reising would want to make him a super unique piece of commemorative art. Reising, who majored in sculpture, created an entire tableau for the man. It includes handmade resin letters, a papier mache gun, and the MTV logo. It’s apparently all part of Reising’s ongoing project, titled “Traphouse Bauhaus”  in which Reising memorializes rappers like Gucci Mane (with a giant Gucci Mane ice cream cone!) and Project Pat. Reising presented it to Mr. Raff at his NYC show last night, and based on this photo, we’re guessing it went pretty well. [Art Fag City]