Today In Terribleness: High School Dean Accused Of Having Unprotected Sex With 4 Students

Malik Taylor was the dean of the Business of Sports School, a high school in midtown Manhattan. But in May, he resigned after admitting to “inappropriate sexual relations” with four students. And that’s not all: Taylor confessed to sexually harassing students and asking one of them to purchase pot for him. Apparently, Taylor had been using the high school as a place to pick up chicks, propositioning students, commenting on and touching their bodies, and threatening them if they told authorities. Among his indiscretions:

  • Taylor told one student to “walk away from him because he wanted to see her ‘ass shake.”
  • He grabbed another student by the butt and told her “I just had to.” He then found her cellphone number and began sending her lewd texts until she agreed to have sex with him.
  • When one student refused his advances and pleas for sex, he asked her if he could “at least suck on her boobs.” He then ordered her not to tell anyone because “he knew where she lived.”
  •  A 17-year-old student confessed to having sex with Taylor on school grounds and in his car on as many as 20 different occasions. That student told investigators that Taylor had confessed his love for her, and told her he wanted to have a child with her.

In all of the reported cases of sexual intercourse, Taylor refused to wear a condom.

Taylor admitted to many of the incidents, including having sex with one student and sending thousands of inappropriate text messages (he used his wife’s phone for that, natch). At least one of the students was underage at the time of the incident, so in addition to the myriad sex abuse and harassment charges he’s facing, Taylor could also be looking at a statutory rape count, too.

The investigation into Taylor’s many, many violations is ongoing, but in the meantime, New York City’s Department of Education has banned him from teaching in the city’s public school system. The case, and Taylor’s fate, is now in the hands of the city’s district attorneys. [Gothamist]

[Classroom photo courtesy of Shutterstock]