Sydney Leathers Was Into Sugar Daddies

Yesterday, there were bikini pics and today we learn that Sydney Leathers had a (now defunct) profile on SeekingArrangement, billed as the #1 sugar daddy dating site. TMZ reports that she was actively seeking sugar daddies on this site (and others) for more than three years in which time she juggled multiple men, but no more than three at once — some who paid her up to $4,000 a pop for the pleasure of her company via chat, Skype, in the form of dirty pictures or dates, but never for sex.

On her profile, she describes herself as a “naughty but nice” 22-year-old college student seeking “Sugar Daddy, amount negotiable.”

“My name is Sydney,” it says in her description, “[I’m] looking to move to Chicago with one of my girlfriends” and “possibly meet up with someone special…I’m looking for a discreet, mutually beneficial relationship. Each person gets what they desire. How irresistible is that?”

Apparently, very irresistible to quite a few men over the years, including Anthony Weiner. No word on whether she met Carlos Danger in this fashion.

Sigh. I fear where this scandal is going. The funny thing is, so far, Leathers hasn’t done anything so outrageous, pending whether or not she knew Carlos Danger was a married man.She sexted, sent some sexy pictures and was on a dating site. But I can see how the media is going to have a slut shaming field day with her. And I’m not sure its warranted. Really, shouldn’t the shaming be directed at Weiner? [TMZ]