Quick Tip: Soothe An Itchy Mosquito Bite With A Hot Spoon

Last weekend, I went to New Hampshire where mosquitos feasted on the back of my arms and the tops of my feet. I literally had matching bites on the backs of both of my arms, which must be a particularly delicious part of my body. Needless to say, I was scratching like I had scabies. I tried itching, slapping and spraying the bites with anti-itch goop. As you know, this works temporarily, and then 10 minutes later you’re doing the Itchy Scratchy Dance again.

Miracles of miracles, my host presented an anti-itch solution that finally provided relief. She offered me a burning hot spoon that she warmed up on the stove. Once it cooled down to an acceptable temperature to touch to my skin (be really careful not to burn yourself!), I held the back of the spoon on my bites and voila! the itching subsided. I didn’t really care why, just that the itching stopped, but I hear that the metal in the spoon is supposed to break down the protein that causes a mosquito bite to itch or something. I thought I would share as mosquito season is in full bloom. Go spoon the shit out of those bites.