Lawsuit: 15-Year-Old Girl Kicked Out Of Summer Camp For Kissing Boy

A family filed a lawsuit yesterday against Camp Emerson, in Hinsdale, Massachusetts, because their 15-year-old daughter was kicked out of summer camp for kissing a boy. The suit, which refers to the Westport, Connecticut, teenager as “Jane Doe,” said she met the boy on something called “court time” when girls and boys play basketball together and that male counselors “kindly and nurturingly encouraged and/or enticed” the boy to kiss Jane Doe. He did and then the pair “went behind the arts and crafts shed and kissed” some more.  She was also accused of taking off her bra and “acting inappropriately,” aka being a teenager with hormones making out with a boy.  While the boy got a high five afterwards from counselors, Jane Doe was allegedly called a “a slut and/or loose and/or fast and/or a tramp” by the camp director. Camp Emerson kicked both kids out and had her escorted off of camp property by a cop.

The defamation lawsuit filed by the girl’s father, Jeff Miller, an attorney, claims that “Jane Doe” has anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and has suffered severe emotional harm from getting kicked out of camp. While I agree this sounds like classic slut-shaming behavior to both of the kids, the (no pun intended) sticky part is that  the camp rules posted online do prohibit “sexually provocative behavior” and “sexual relations or physical contact with another person (opposite or same sex). However, as ABC News noted, kissing is not on the list of prohibited sexually provocative behavior. Additionally, campers are supposed to be warned with a three strikes rule. Both Jane Doe and her “boyfriend” were expelled from camp immediately without a refund to their parents. That’s not only outrageous, but unfair.

What a complete shitshow over a freakin’ makeout session that probably happens every single day at summer camps around the country. You sound super lame, Camp Emerson! Jesus, have you people never seen “Wet Hot American Summer”? Maybe you shouldn’t; your eyes will start bleeding. Anyway, the teen’s family has since withdrawn their lawsuit, because they said the story has “spiraled” out of control, but I kinda hope they didn’t. This camp sucks.

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