Watch What Happens When A Woman Propositions Men On The Street For Sex

Ami Angelowicz | July 30, 2013 - 4:30 pm

Thanks to Andrea’s social experiment, we now know that walking up to strange men and asking them to have sex with you elicits a number of bizarre responses including, but not limited to: calling the cops, suspecting robbery, uncomfortable laughter, confusion, and a game of rock, paper, scissors. Of course there were some immediate YESes and few NOs (the man who was with his teenage daughter said NO … thankfully). All in all, Andrea ended up with about a 50 percent sexual proposition success rate. Lower than I would have guessed, but they were on video, which would be bound to make even the most willing guy skeptical. As for the social experiment where a man asked 100 random women to have sex with him? The success rate was much lower. Like a solid zero percent. [Buzzfeed]