“Homeland”‘s Season 3 Teaser Presents More Questions Than Answers

The second season of “Homeland” ended with quite a bang — literally. A car bomb went off at the Vice President’s wake, killing, like, loads of people, including the head of the CIA. And everyone thinks Brody (Damian Lewis) is to blame — except Carrie (Claire Danes), who believed Brody when he told her that he was framed. But was he? Brody’s motives are the biggest mystery on the show and it’s still unclear where his loyalties lie. Now he’s on the lam, and this teaser for the show’s third season — presented at the Television Critics Association press tour — is minimal on images, dialogue and information. But Entertainment Weekly gathered some quotes from the cast and producers, and here’s what we know: Brody is missing from the first few episodes of the third season, Saul and Carrie band together to get through the trauma of everything that’s happened (though I’m guessing Saul doesn’t know that Carrie aided Brody’s escape), and the Brody family will still be featured, even thought Dad’s ditched them. [EW]