Your Daily Squee: Mick The Boston Terrier Pup Learns To Walk

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Your Daily Squee Mick The Boston Terrier Pup Learns To Walk
Go, Mick, Go!

You’re having a case of the Mondays. You need something to make you smile. Luckily we found this video of Mick the Boston Terrier puppy! Born with what’s called Swimmer Puppy Syndrome (such a cute name for something so terrible), Mick’s legs refused to cooperate — he couldn’t sit, stand or walk, but only lie on the ground with his legs splayed out underneath him. Dogs like Mick are typically destroyed, deemed unfit or unworthy of living, but thankfully the Mia Foundation, an animal rescue group in Rochester, New York, came to the pup’s rescue. Your Daily Squee: Mick The Boston Terrier Pup Learns To Walk

Volunteers gave hours and hours of their time to exercise and retrain Mick’s muscles. He was put in a harness and given swim therapy in order to help him build strength, and was kept propped up in order to take pressure off his little pup chest. Mick eventually learned how to sit, stand and even walk. He’s still getting therapy, and becoming stronger. Awww. [Daily Mail]

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