Rad NYC Teacher Confronts Anthony Weiner About Sexting & Says Everything We Wish We Could Say

Well, this is awkward: Anthony Weiner got his ass handed to him on a platter by a New York City voter who thinks his lying, cheating self has no business running the city. Last week the bomb dropped that Weiner, who is running for mayor of NYC, carried on a sexting-and-phone-sex affair with a 22-year-old Indiana woman, Sydney Leathers, even after he had resigned from Congress over past a past sexting scandal. Weiner is adamant that he is staying in the race. Staten Island resident and retired schoolteacher Peg Brunda confronted dick pic enthusiast Carlos Danger to ask why he thought he had the “moral authority” to hire and fire educators in the NYC school system when he himself struggles with basic sexual impulse control.

Here’s what Brunda said:

“As a former NYC education employee, with 21 years as a teacher and nine years as an assistant principal, had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. … In the privacy of my home. Standing there, it wouldn’t have mattered if one year went by or five years went by. I don’t quite understand how you would feel you have the moral authority as the head administrator in the city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that is expected.”

Weiner smiled humiliated/politely and asked Brunda, “Are you not voting for me?” Um, no. No, she is not voting for you. (And don’t be cheeky, dude. Haven’t you watched any episodes “Mob Wives”? You don’t mess with Staten Island.) He then refused to answer the question, dodging both Brunda and a newscaster standing right next to him. Eventually he responded, getting huffy, “Madam, it’s very clear that you’re not supporting me” and tries to weasel away.

Peg Brunda is right, of course. Former elementary school art teacher Melissa Petro (who now contributes to The Frisky) was fired from her job teaching in the Bronx after it came out that she used to be a sex worker. Why do women like Petro lose their jobs working for the city for what they did in their off-hours, but men like Weiner insist that their private life should be private?


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