How Do We Feel About Marilyn Monroe Shilling For A Hair Spray Company?

Affordable haircare brand Sexy Hair just unveiled its fall ad campaign, and it turns out the new face of the company isn’t exactly new. It’s Marilyn Monroe. Sexy Hair purchased the rights to images and quotes from Monroe’s estate to create ads for its Spray & Play hairspray, which Monroe herself obviously never used (a partnership with Aqua Net probably would have been more accurate). The ads, which employ the tagline “Styles change. Sexy is forever.” are definitely eye-catching, and Sexy Hair is far from the first company to use Monroe’s image to shill products: MAC released a Monroe-inspired collection last year, and the year before that, Dior used some high-tech trickery to have Monroe star alongside Charlize Theron in a TV commercial. Not to mention the endless celebs who take it upon themselves to impersonate the Hollywood legend (with varying degrees of success).

So what do you guys think of these new ads? At first I thought the whole thing was a little weird/inappropriate, but as a slightly obsessive Marilyn fan with very little will power, I must admit after looking at the photos for a few minutes, I found myself wanting to buy a can of this hair spray (I’m a sheep, I know). Share your thoughts in the comments! [Huffington Post]