Chevy Just Realized Women Buy Trucks, Too

The only people I know who own trucks are women. I know two female truck owners, but that’s not that exciting, because I don’t live a Truck Lifestyle. Perhaps Chevy, makers of the Silverado pick-up truck, have realized that they know a lot of female truck drivers, too, because they’ve created this ad (finally!) focused on selling trucks to women. That’s because new studies show that women make up 11 percent of all pickup truck purchasers. That’s not a huge segment, but it is a wholly untapped one — and Chevy’s looking to capture that demographic. The commercial features a fictional female barrel racer, who uses her Silverado to tow her horse (355 horses to tow her horse, get it?) to the rodeo. The voiceover reference “A woman. A woman and her horse,” just in case you weren’t sure that this was being marketed to laaaaadies. You guys, laaaaadies. You know you’ve really made it as a gender when car companies decide you’re worth pandering to.

The only niggling, annoying line:  The rodeo queen has “a ribbon that goes on her wall, not in her hair.” Because women, we’re all just putting ribbons in our hair, except for Chevy Silverado customers, who are special, tougher, more manly than regular ladies. “One thing that is nice about this ad is not only that it is the woman in there, but a woman who is tough enough to tow her own big trailer,” said Maria Maria Rohrer, director of marketing and strategy for Chevrolet truck. “Sixty percent of our target tows, this is her passion point. And the fact that the woman is strong enough to hook it up on her own says a lot.”

What do you think of the commercial? [Business Insider]