Would You Go See A Flower That Smells Like Rotting Flesh?

Hundreds of people flocked to the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. recently for a very weird reason. Don’t get me wrong, plants are great, but botanical gardens generally aren’t known to draw a huge crowd. But it was very exciting occasion for the plant community: the Titan arum, or the “corpse flower,” was in full bloom.

This is special/weird for a few reasons. First, the flower rarely blooms, and when it does, it’s only for a few days at a time. The corpse flower is also about 8-12 feet tall and the center of the flower looks distinctly like a penis. And if that’s not reason enough to book a ticket to D.C. ASAP, please note that the plant also gives off the stench of rotting flesh. Mmm, tasty.

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[Photo via Washington Post]