Back In The Day: We Love Butterfly Clips

What: Butterfly clips

When we wore it: Late ’90s

Why we hate them: Because we never had enough, obviously.

Why we love them: How much time do you have?

  1. Because what girl wouldn’t want plastic insects in her hair?
  2. Because with a whole box there were endless ’90s stylin’ options…
  3. …like a sphere of small, twisty buns projecting from the head.
  4. From a distance they could look like stars in the galaxy that is your hair.
  5. Pressing them open and closed and open and closed provided endless hours of entertainment (even if it resulted in a few broken bugs along the way)
  6. You could snap them on to your sister’s pinky finger just to see how long she could handle the pain. Anyone? …Bueller?

Would we wear them now: While I may be past my butterfly clip prime, I would not deny their many gifts for pre-pubescent children.