Chinese Professor Thinks “To Rape A Bargirl Does Less Harm Than To Rape A Good Woman”

The ongoing trial of Li Tianyi, a 17-year-old boy accused of participating in the gang rape of a woman in Beijing, spurred some vomit-inducing comments from Yi Yanyou, a professor at Tsinghua University. As the blog Shanghaiist reported, in defending the accused rapist, Yanyou posted to his Weibo account that since “a bargirl, a dancing girl, an escort or a prostitute” is more likely to consent to sex, it isn’t as bad to rape them.

In an attempt to clarify his comment, Yanyou continued (but probably should have kept his mouth shut):

“To emphasise that the victim is a bargirl doesn’t mean it’s OK to rape a bargirl. It only means that a bargirl is more likely to agree to a sexual act. Besides, even if it is a rape, to rape a bargirl does less harm than to rape a good woman.”

Oh, so many reasons why this is horrible! First, it implies that the bodies of some women are more valuable than others. Second, it also implies that men are going to rape women no matter what, so it’s better if they rape the “bad” women. No, that is so wrong, Professor Yi. At the very least, Professor Yi has received a healthy dose of heat from the internet for his ignorance.


[Photo via CCTV]