7 Sexting Rules For Anthony Weiner

YourTango.com | July 27, 2013 - 1:30 pm

As we’re all fairly aware, a man with a hilariously ironic name was caught in a bit of a situation in which groin and chest photographs were Tweeted to various women, some of whom he clearly did not know. And before that a football hero allegedly* sent pics of his tony weiner to a woman who did not appreciate the gesture. Here’s where Anthony Weiner (and Brett Favre) went wrong and how you can send photographs of your swimsuit zones without fear of recrimination (and only some humiliation). This is what the grownups call sexting.

1) Be sexy. For guys, tumescence is of the essence. The so-called Brett Favre picture featured a flaccid wang book-ended by Crocs. I’m not sure of a more clear way to tell a woman that you’re completely uninterested in her sexually than the combination of tacky sandal thingies and soft dinghies. For the ladies, maintain your best level of grooming, don’t get too close and show some body. Read more on Your Tango…