Sweetest Story Of The Day: 55 People Created A “Pay It Forward” Chain At A Drive-Thru Donut Shop

If there are two things in life I love, it’s donuts and pay-it-forward stories, so this epic donut pay-it-forward story out of Massachusetts is totally warming my heart. A couple weeks ago, a customer in the drive-thru line at a little donut shop called Heav’nly Donuts was apparently feeling generous and decided to pay for the order of the customer behind her in line. That customer, Eileen Taylor, was so touched by the gesture that she decided to pay it forward (well, technically backward), and paid for the car behind her when she returned to Heav’nly Donuts the next day. Taylor’s small act of kindness created a massive chain reaction: the next customer paid for the car behind them. And the next customer paid for the car behind them. The trend continued until the morning rush was over — and a total of 55 customers in a row had purchased a sweet breakfast treat for a stranger. Taylor can’t believe how far her kind gesture went, and even though she recently lost her job and is struggling financially, she doesn’t regret splashing out a little extra cash to make so many people’s days a bit brighter: “It was the best $12 I ever spent.” [CBS Boston[Photo of donuts via Shutterstock]