Miley Cyrus Goes Nude For Marc Jacobs

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Miley Cyrus Goes Nude For Marc Jacobs
  • Miley Cyrus got buck naked — using only her hands to shield her naughty bits — for a Marc Jacobs T-shirt. [Socialite Life]
  • Is watching people have sex in porn having a negative affect on the sex you’re having in real life? [Your Tango]
  • Jay Z continues to be the most supportive, adorable husband ever, running on stage to give Beyonce a kiss during a concert, to the delight of fans. [Celebuzz]
  • Hey ladies, how do you subtly let a dude know that you’re trying to seduce him? I don’t usually do subtle — most recently, I asked a dude if he wanted to come over to bang and that was it. [Modern Man]
  • Read about one woman’s love/hate relationship with doin’ it doggystyle. Hey! That’s my favorite position. [Em & Lo]
  • That porn star who got booted from a baseball game for acting, ahem, “horny” on camera whilst wearing a unicorn mask? Well, she has regrets about her behavior. [Huffington Post]
  • What’s the average penis size? Bigger than an iPhone and smaller than a Venti cup of coffee. [College Candy]
  • Sorry, but a “group masturbation party” sounds like my worst nightmare. [Nerve]
  • People make some mighty stupid trades in exchange for sex. Here are six of the worst. [Cracked]
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