Well Played: Rachel Zoe Dresses For The Weather She Wants, Not The Weather She Has

This morning on the subway, a woman was loudly making fun of Rachel Zoe’s vocal inflections, as if it was 2009 and doing so was at all culturally relevant. This same woman was also loudly telling her traveling companion about how she’s writing a memoir. A yoga memoir. So yeah.

Speaking of Rachel Zoe, I guess she was out and about on Wednesday with a young girl who is possibly a fashion muse or a relative or Harvey Weinstein’s niece. Whichever the case, the way the young girl is dressed represents “actual weather,” while Rachel Zoe’s ensemble represents “weather in Rachel Zoe’s idea environ.” Whatever, I’m super into it, and I need to know where she gets her absolutely perfect flared jeans. [Photo: Fame/Flynet]