People Prefer Sex In Ford Fiestas, The Taste Of Strawberry Flavored Condoms

I consider it my job (well, I guess it is my job) to track the clusterfuck of sex surveys and data inundating the interwebs and bring you the results. (Because I know you are just sitting around WAITING to find out what kind of car people most like to have a quickie in.) According to a survey of 2,018 adults done by car manufacturer BBA Reman (and why they were doing a sex survey, we’ll never know, but they did), 49 percent of Britons have had sex in a car at least once. OK, not shocking. But wait. Here’s the shocking part: Of those 49 percent who’ve done car sex, 27 percent said their preferred model was a Ford Fiesta, closely followed by a Volkswagon Golf. Seriously? Those are some tiny ass cars. It’s hard to imagine fitting one person in the backseat, let alone two. It’d be like fucking in a pistachio shell. If posed with this question myself, I’d have picked something more like a Hummer, just so I could move my legs, not because I support the gas-guzzling beasts. 

Moving onto the next weird sex tidbit, staff members at the Houston Press must have been very bored, because they decided to put flavored condoms on bananas and do taste tests. Not only did they taste eight varietals of condoms, but they reviewed and ranked them all. And the winner was…strawberry! “They’re a little sweet and a little tart and not super latex-y, which is exactly what a flavored condom should be,” they write. Durex’s tropical flavored condom, which was described as “pineapple-esque” with a little bit of “mango”came in second. We’ll keep that in mind next time we’re screwing in the back of a Ford Fiesta.

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