Paula Deen Called Her Black Cook Her “Soul Sister”

  • Paula Deen’s longtime cook for her restaurant Lady & Sons, a black woman named Dora Charles, has come out with new allegations that Deen is just as racist as suspected. She called Charles her “soul sister,” used racial slurs when speaking to staff, and wanted Charles to ring a dinner bell and yell, “Come and get it!” to customers. (Charles refused.) [NY Times]
  • California police said Amanda Bynes won’t be charged for a crime, despite trespassing and committing arson in a stranger’s driveway. She is currently being held on a 5051 psychiatric hold and her parents are allegedly applying for conservatorship. [TMZ]
  • So sad: Cory Monteith was planning a birthday surprise for Lea Michele before he died from an overdose on heroin. [US Weekly]
  • Jason Sudeikis confirmed he is gone from “Saturday Night Live.” Bummer, dude. [People]
  • Jimmy Fallon named his newborn daughter after our very own Winona — Winnie Rose Fallon. Okay, no he didn’t. But he might as well have. She’s awesome. [Just Jared]
  • Hmmph. Only five of fall’s 21 new network TV comedies focus primarily on female stars … [Bitch Magazine]
  • … but Heidi Klum is going to guest star on “Parks & Recreation.” []

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