Now You Can Have An Orgasm While You Ride Your Bicycle

With our busy lifestyles, multitasking is a necessity. Like say, for instance, if you want to try to squeeze in both daily exercise (or in the case of NYC’s new Citibike program, your morning commute) and a masturbation session, so you can save the 15 minutes you might spend clicking mindlessly through your Instagram feed. Well, the Happy Ride, a bicycle seat cover with a discreet, high-powered vibrator tucked inside, makes it possible. The sex toy disguised as bicycle gear goes for about $40 and comes with an attached remote control so you can adjust the vibration speed to your liking.

While this sounds interesting in the way of time saving/ masturbation techniques, and incentivizing in the way of motivating yourself to exercise, I’m also thinking it would be weird, bordering on obscene, to be riding down the street and having pedestrians watch you get off. Not to mention it could be very dangerous to climax on a busy thoroughfare. On second thought, although Freddie Mercury probably would’ve disagreed, it may be best to keep your bike riding and self-pleasuring session separate, even if it costs you a few extra minutes of your time. [Daily Mail UK]

[Photo from Shutterstock]